Knock Knock: Your Wardrobe is Here!

I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty special when I get a knock on the door and am handed a garment bag or a “trunk” filled with gorgeous clothes just for me. For just a moment I can feel like I am a big deal and some designer has sent me some of their latest goodies to try on!

I’m a fan of Rent the Runway for just that reason! We have a ball we go to each year and the best part of it is dressing up! But I began to realize that the only time I would wear whatever gown I bought for the event was that one night, and then it just hung in my closet until maybe a friend could use it.

So I tried RTW and have been using it ever since!

How It Works

They deliver the dress in a garment bag right to your door – if you want to get two different sizes you can – for the same price! I also have ordered jewelry to go with the dress.

I love that you can see other people’s reviews of the garments and how it fit, exactly, on their body type. You can scroll through photos and I like to check to see how it looked on other women with similar curves.


Not the best photo but the dress was cute and fun!

This is the dress I rented in 2017:

And this is the dress (and earrings) I rented this year:


Clearly, my sweetie is stunned by my beauty!

After you have worn your outfit and been complimented on your stunning dress you simply hang it back in the garment bag, zip it up and lock it and drop it off at UPS or arrange a pick up at your house. That means no dry-cleaning and no hassle!

Easy Peasy!

More Than Gowns

Oui, c’est vrai! They rent more than gowns – they rent handbags, jewels, cocktail and work dresses as well. Plus, you can purchase designer goods from RTW as well.

Here are a few French essentials you can pick up from them right now:

A vintage Givenchy necklace or a vintage Chanel necklace (they have Chanel earrings for rent too!) Or this adorable Kate Spade French-style trench coat.

Sèrieusment, check them out – for formal wear or daily wear!

Coming up…my review of my first Trunk Club trunk where I snag a great bonsoir t-shirt!

bientôt :: See you soon!


PS: Have you seen the new Provence line by Le Crueset? #want #jeveux

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