I want to live my dreams in French

I want to live my dreams

I want to live my dreams

Do I dream in French? Oui.

And when I do I speak it well. Fluently.

I use it to buy fresh bread at the bakery :: la boulangerie. Warm, butter-filled pastries at la patisserie. Delicious and dreamy.

I have other dreams too.

One of them – you may guess – concerns writing.

La vie de l’écrivain :: the writer’s life.

I have written since I was a child. I wrote poetry in the shade of baby redwoods and composed ee cummings inspired poems. I paid more attention to the shape of the poem than the content.

I made up my own words. I was happy, content.

I have fallen in and out of love with my writing career over the years.


News reporting.

Magazine writing.

Press releases.

Marketing materials.

I published a book under a nome de plume last fall, and am currently writing the second book in the series.

My dream is to make a living as a writer. A simple living would be fine :: une vie simple serait bein. Très bien.

Et alors:: And so, I am making big changes, très grands changements,  in my life to see what I can do with more time to dedicate to my craft.

My art, my passion.

My dream in French. :: mon reve en français. 

Avec Amour,



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