certains de mes préférés choses ::some of my favorite things ~ Paris Breakfasts blog

Salut, ça va? :: Hello, how are you?

Today I would like to share one of my favorite french-themed blogs with you.

There are so many good ones out there I am limiting my sharing to one at a time ::   un à la foie. 

La premier, in no particular order, is Paris Breakfasts, by Carol Gillott.

I just love her! Not only is her blog filled with gorgeous photographs of paris style, streets, treats and special spots, her commentary is charmant and makes me feel like I am in the company of une bonne amie. 

But wait, there’s more! Carol Gillott also offers subscriptions for monthly watercolors of Paris. She has been a watercolor artiste since her mother taught her at age 5 and now she lives in Paris and creates these sweet scenes for us to enjoy.

You can subscribe at her Etsy shop.


Why not have a little taste of Paris delivered to you each month?

It’s like having une amie française, a french friend, send you an illustrated letter each month.

Sign me up :: Enregistre moi!

With love for all things French :: avec amour pour toutes les choses françaises,


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