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Did you know you can follow me on Instagram? It’s easy – @dreamsinfrench.

I am also getting started on Pinterest:

I have been trying to figure out an easy way to send my Instagram posts to the blog instantly. Pas très facile. 

So today I will give you the update in one big, beautiful post.

16 juillet 

I took this photo and then used the filters to bring it to black and white – it turned out so beautifully.

I especially love the contrast of new and old and the reflections from I.M. Pei’s glass pyramid.

The Louvre

The Louvre

17 juillet

This photo was taken in the Notting Hill neighborhood in London. We were on our way to the Portobello Road market when we passed this cheeky building.

Fait vous regardez

Fait vous regardez

18 juillet

My talented fille, M., took this exquisite photo. I love the color and the perspective.


swings on the Eiffel Tower :: balançoires sur la Tour Eiffel

19 juillet 

I was inspired to try painting watercolors of  some of the gorgeous buildings and other images we saw on our trip.  I thought this would make a beautiful watercolor.  In fact, it actually looks like a watercolor already.


Here is another that would be a great watercolor :: voici une autre qui serait une grande aquarelle.

Le Fleuriste

Le Fleuriste

Perhaps someday I will have the time to live la vie de l’artiste.

Until next time :: jusqu’à la prochaine fois, 


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