Bastille Day :: La Fête Nationale

Yesterday was Bastille Day – La Fete Nationele in France.


Of course, I had to celebrate here, at home, even if no one else knew what was up.

I started by wearing the tricolore, bien sûr. If only I could master the outfit selfie I would be able to post pictures (perhaps I need to borrow my daughter’s selfie-stick. The one she bought in Paris and we made fun of her for.)

In any event, I had my red and white striped maxi-dress with my blue flats and office-appropriate tailored denim jacket over top. With my jaunty blue and white Paris scarf, of course. Très mignon, if you ask me.

In my way to work I stopped at a local bakery for some croissants [Stay tuned: I will be posting the results of my Quest for the Best Croissant soon.]

This stop was at The Buttery.


Flaky outer layer – yummers!

After sharing my celebratory croissants with my co-workers – and educating them on French joie de vivre – I made some small adjustments to my workspace and carried on with the day.


Spreading the joy!

After the work, more celebrating! My sweetie and I went to a local bistrot, Au Midi,  where we enjoyed  a special Bastille Day menu.

Enjoying the evening

Enjoying the evening

Première, gaspacho de cerises et les tomates :: First, gazpacho of cherries and tomatoes.


An unusual combination to muy palate, but it was good! The large shrimp brought a hint of orange and the greens were sharp and added a great contrast to the sweet of the gazpacho. The texture was welcome too.

Then, a perfectly cooked salmon dish with a sorrel sauce. So good!


Finally, enfin, a tartlette of strawberries ::  de fraiseswith lemon and basil mousse. Avec un café il était une fin parfaite :: with a coffee it was a perfect ending.



I hope you had a lovely Bastille Day and were able to add a little of la vie française to your day!

à la prochaine :: until next time,


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