Quelques-uns de Mes Articles Préférés Français :: A Few of My Favorite French Things

Also known as an on-going subject of my blog to include other blogs, books, movies, food, ideas, fashion, bakeries, restaurants, locations, podcasts, etc.

Phew! Je suis épuisé après que la liste :: I am exhausted after that list…

When I think about it there is so much for me to share with you about my love for France. In fact, just this morning I was thinking about where my Francophile nature began. My parents were not international travelers and no one I knew growing up was French, had been to France, nor was particularly interested in la vie Francaise. 

So where did it come from? Hmmm….something to think (and write) about for sure.

What about you? Where did your love for France begin?

Yesterday, on my Instagram page (@dreamsinfrench) I shared a small sneak peek of a piece of mail I had been waiting for…

A few friends were like, “Well, what was that? What did you get in the mail?” So here it is, a beautiful letter with a gorgeous watercolor…
 and a very sweet handwritten note from the artist.

The artist, Janice MacLeod-Lik, is also an author. I read her beautiful and sweet memoir,Paris Letters, a few months before we left on our trip. The book both got me (more, is that possible?) excited for our trip to Paris and also got me thinking about taking up watercoloring. (I will discuss the subject of watercoloring/sketchbook journaling in an upcoming post, because there is – as with most of my stories – much more to it.)

In any event, I was very excited to get my first letter from Janice. I subscribed to her letters for several reasons:

1) I love to get mail
2) I like to support fellow creative types
3) the letters are both beautiful and inspiring
4) they are fun and make me smile.

what more is there :: Qu’y at-il?

à bientôt!

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