Welcome to Dreams In French

Bonjour et bienvenue a mon blog.

My name is Jessica and this is a chronicle of my love of all things French. Yes, I am a died in the wool francophile – c’est vrai!

About this time last year I vowed that I would take my family to France this summer.

I didn’t know HOW we would make it work, how we could possibly come up with the money for it, or how it would happen, but I knew we would go.

And we did! C’est Magnifique! 

In upcoming posts I will explain to you how I made it happen (perhaps not the most financially responsible, but worth every penny for the experience, in my opinion!)

I will explain why I so desperately wanted to go.

And I will share with you how it went.

That’s not all I plan to do with this blog. Mais non! 

There is so much more of  la vie francaise for us to explore together…

If you love Paris, Provence, Nice and all la lavande, vin, champagne et plus then stay with me.

I will share with you my favorite French blogs, books, movies, ways to learn French, photos of France, travel ideas, how to save for your trip (you CAN DO IT!), and other things that illustrate la vie Francaise and that very special French joie de vivre.

I plan to explore local French shops and restaurants and share my finds with you. Since I am in the Bay Area of California there are many places to explore.

I hope you will join me! :: Je espère que vous vous joindrez à moi!

À bientôt,

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